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Post Drivers manufactured by Bullmax and Christie are designed for our Australian environment. Both models are lightweight and portable but still able to drive posts as swiftly as much larger and heavier hydraulic and pneumatic tools.
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bullmax post drivers


The use of a fence post driver or a post hole driver is essential to create the best foundations in a fence build. A post or fence post driver is a customised tool, specifically designed to drive fence posts into land.

With a 12-month warranty and an anti-vibration ‘comfort’ handle, the Bullmax Post Driver is the perfect post driver for almost any fence build.

The Bullmax Post Driver comes with a bonus tool-kit, spark-plug and easy pour fuel and oil container to ensure ease of use and only weighs 12.8kgs.

Designed for Australian conditions the post driver is perfect for continuous use and meets the worldwide emission and noise requirement standards.

Bullmax 4 Stroke Post Driver
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NEW Bullmax 4 Stroke Post Driver Honda Engine

The Bullmax bmpd-h35 post driver is the lightest 4 stroke post driver available in Australia.

It is powered by the Honda gx35 engine, developing 1 kw of power and 1.60nm of torque.

It has been assembled and tested in Australia.

With its anti- vibration handles, being light weight and perfectly balanced it is an easy machine to use.

The Bullmax post driver gives you versatility with 4 interchangeable sleeve heads. 45mm, 55mm, 73mm, and 80mm thus allowing you to knock in, standard and maxi star pickets, pipe and ground rods.

With an impact plate of 80-mm in diameter it allows the post driver to knock in pipe up to 50mm without using a dolly, thus reducing damage to the top of star pickets.

The Bullmax post driver comes conveniently packed in it is own customised carry case for safe keeping.

with no need for a compressor and air hose to operate your post driver, the bullmax bmpd-h35 post driver with a honda gx35 engine is so versatile that it can be used anywhere.

Genuine Honda 3 year Australia warranty............................ Bullmax 1 year warranty on driver



Bullmax 2 Stroke Post Driver

Bullmax 2 Stroke Post Driver

The Bullmax 2 stroke post driver is a one-unit mechanised fence post driver used for driving in star and y configuration posts, ground rods and guide posts into even the hardest ground.

The professionals preferred driver, the now famous original Bullmax post driver is known for it’s amazing power. standard fence posts and maxi posts into even the hardest ground. comes with a 55mm and 73mm sleeve attachments.

Bullmax Earth Augers
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Bullmax Earth Augers

One of the most innovative post hole diggers available, an auger is a device that is commonly used for drilling. Resembling a corkscrew, most augers feature a rotating blade or ‘flitting’ that acts in the same manner as a corkscrew would.

The blade rotation on an auger is used to bore holes into the earth, and occasionally materials or matter such as rocks, wood or even concrete. Augers are a popular and favourable tool to drill holes in wood, and are frequently used to create deep holes, and guarantee strong bases for new fence builds as their cutting is acute, deep and accurate.

For anyone looking for an auger for sale, Bullmax is the perfect company to provide the most suitable auger from any job. The Bullmax Earth Auger, Model BMEA-52-2 comes equipped with a 2-stroke 52CC Engine which simply exudes power. It has a heavy-duty gearbox and retains commercial quality that is appreciated by Australians nationwide. With a 30:1 gear ration and a premium quality safety system, this auger is in demand by users across Australia.

The Bullmax BMEA-68 auger is also an excellent auger. Slightly larger than its sister product, the auger features an air cooled 2-stroke engine. The 450mm extension bar ensures ease of use and the 8,000 revs per minute engine system is ideal for anyone wanting to drill fast and continuously.

Bullmax ensures that all of their products come with a 12-month warranty as they only supply the highest quality premium products to Australians.

Christie Post Drivers
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Christie Post Drivers

The high impact hammer action of 1720BPM will drive steel fence pickets into the hardest ground in a matter of seconds and the portable design allows operators to move along a fence line with ease. The driver uses an efficient Honda GX35 4-stroke motor to give the best service life possible.
The CHPD52 has a 52mm receiver guide tube which allows most standard posts and pipe up to 50mm diameter, as well as timber 35mm square to be driven, while the CHPD78 has a redesigned lower hammer section to allow much larger posts and pipe to be driven right up to 75mm diameter without any other adapters. The redesigned lower hammer transfers the impact to the post more efficiently allowing larger posts to be driven with ease.

Christie Post Drivers

Christie Post Drivers
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Christie Post Drivers

+ 1720BPM drive pickets into
hardest ground in seconds


This post driver has been developed by Christie Engineering and manufactured by us for the harsh Australian environment. It is extremely lightweight and portable while being powerful enough to drive a star or Y steel picket post into the hardest ground in a matter of seconds. The design enables the operator to move along a fence line with ease much faster than traditional air and hydraulic driven units. All internal components are manufactured from the highest quality precision machined materials to give the longest tool life possible. The harsh hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring cushioned handles allowing many hours of fatigue free operation even by commercial operators. The power plant is the ultra-reliable Honda GX35 1.0kW motor boasting 3 year Australia wide warranty. The post driver now also carries a 3 year major parts failure warranty from Christie Engineering (Excludes normal wear).